Bridal faq

How long does makeup take?  

On the wedding day, usually we like to allow 1 hour per person.  This allows us to clean brushes in between makeups.  For a wedding trial, please allow 1-1.5 hours as a consultation is usually done so we can really understand your needs and vision for your look. 

Do I need to supply my own make up?

For the most part, we have it covered.  However, on your wedding day it is recommended that you bring lip stick and/or gloss for touch ups (and if you have a colour in mind that you do want to use, bring that to the trial).  If you're prone to oily skin, blotting paper + powder is great for you to bring too.

How do I know what style suits me?

This is where a trial for hair and makeup comes in perfect!  Let me guess, you've been trawling Pinterest in search for the perfect hair + makeup ideas? We can put those inspiration photos to the test in your trial and of course, totally customise it suit your needs.

What products do you use?

We use a range of professional, high end retail + boutique cosmetics.  These brands includes; Nars, Urban Decay, Ben Nye, Morphe, Makeup Geek, PONi Cosmetics, Esmi Skin Minerals and the list goes on.  Please note, we're against animal testing and do not use any products that are tested on animals. 

what is airbrush makeup + how long does it last?

Airbrushing is a makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air through an airbrush gun with drops of colour, such as foundation, blush, contour, to spray a fine mist of makeup. Airbrush makeup provides flawless, lightweight coverage which help minimize skin imperfections, while giving skin a beautifully natural finished looking results, also being water resistant & lasting 12 or more hours.

I'm probably going to cry on my wedding day.....

Don't worry, we've got you covered!  Airbrush makeup is water resistant.  Our eyeliner, mascara + lash glue are all water proof!  No panda eyes here!

I'm allergic to some products and have sensitive skin...

This is why a makeup trial is especially important.  Having extremely sensitive skin myself, I trial and test all products out first and if there is the option to purchase products in a sensitive version - I will always make sure I stock my kit with that.  Please let us know in your consultation about any kind of allergies.  If you are severely allergic to anything in particular, you are welcome to bring your own makeup and we can apply that. 

I'm not used to wearing much make up - I'm not sure if I'll look good? 

Of course you will!  Airbrush is AMAZING for this very reason because it is so light weight on the skin.  Most clients comment that they can't even feel any product on their skin, yet it gives such an amazing coverage!  We actually listen to you're specific needs and will customise and tailor your unique look.

What should I be doing in the lead up to my wedding?

Brows.  They are the most important part of your face!  And at House of Glamour, we pride ourselves on giving our brides the best brows possible!  If your brows are out of shape or have been over plucked, then we highly recommend our Brow Rehab or maybe your brow are just ok and you're not committed to that one brow artist?  In this case, we ask that you commit to our Bridal Brow Bootcamp where you see us once a month for your shaping + tinting needs.  You can enrol here

When should I spray tan before my wedding?

We know wearing white can be daunting, so you're probably going to want to get some sort of faux glow (especially if you've been good about sunscreen during Summer). At House of Glamour, we use a violet based tan, so there is absolutely no chance of ever going orange! If you haven't tanned before, it's recommend you have a trial tan 1 month prior to your wedding. Byron is probably one of the most precise tanning technicians you will ever come across. Paying special attention to your hands + feet, to ensure there is no tell tale signs that a spray tan has even been applied. Her tans are always flawless and you will be left a looking like a radiant, glowing goddess. 

We're the PERFECT match! I'm ready to book House of Glamour for my wedding!

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