brow rehab


Brow Rehab is a 3 month program where you are booked in every 3-4 weeks for your brow rehabilitation and House of Glamour will recreate your brows into a perfect creation. 


Anyone that is unhappy with their shape, have over plucked/tweezed, cannot create the perfect shape yourself or have gone to a terrible ‘brow technician’ and they completely ruined your brows by making them uneven and incorrectly shaped!  Please note that we cannot create your ‘perfect brows’ in just one session and this program requires time and patience.  Everyone’s hair growth is different and some clients may have the perfect result at this end of this program where others may need longer time frame.

WHAT is included in each BROW REHAB styling session? 

• Brow sculpt removing unnecessary hair
• Brow tint
• Lesson on how to apply brow products
 • Brow styled with Brow Magic OR Mane Stain from PONi Cosmetics

YOUR investment in BROW REHAB program? 

The 3 month Brow Rehab program which INCLUDES your very own Brow Magic for you to take home and is only $99 OR upgrade to Mane Stain + brow brush for $120.


Give me the PERFECT BROWS that I desire!