WHat exactly is a introductory brow consultation...

In this 1 hour appointment, we will start by having a chat with you to see what sort of result you would like to achieve.  It is best to come to this appointment after you've grown your brows out OR if you've been trying to grow your brows with no luck, we can show you what to do.

whats included in your appointment?

  • Brow consultation
  • Brows tinted
  • Skin prepared/cleaned and waxed + tweezed
  • Lesson in how to fill in brows with recommended products

Once we've done the initial work, you will then move to our makeup bar where we show you how to complete one side using PONi Cosmetics brow products.  Then we hand the products over to you for you to do the other side!  But don't worry!  We won't let you leave looking uneven, we'll make sure you're perfectly symmetrical before you leave.  All of the PONi Cosmetics are available to purchase in the salon.

What the heck in PONi Cosmetics?  Check out their range here.


Show me how to create killer brows!