spray tan pre + post instructions

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how to prepare for your house of glamour spray tan...


Exfoliate your body

This is perhaps one of the most important first steps when it comes to preparing your skin for a spray tan. Dry, rough patches of skin tend to attract and hold more colour than skin which is smooth and soft. Failing to exfoliate before spray tanning can result, therefore, in blotchy patches of dye on your elbows, knees, and other rough areas.

Use a loofah or other type of exfoliating tool to scrub your entire body. A body scrub with sea salt or other exfoliating products also provides the optimum results.

Shave unwanted hair.

While excessive body hair will not impair the ability of the spray tan to stick to your skin, shaving soon after receiving a spray tan can be detrimental. In fact, shaving soon after this procedure often results in the colour flaking off from your skin. As spray tans can be quite expensive, most individuals who receive them want to ensure their longevity.

AVOID lotions, creams, makeup, deodorant, or other personal hygiene items that could interfere with the spray tan adhering to the skin.

Many women and men enjoy applying lotion or moisturizer to their face and body to ensure soft, supple skin. To ensure the best results during a spray tan, refrain from using skin lotions and moisturizers until after having the spray tan done as these lotions often block the spray tan from sticking to your skin. The same applies to products like antiperspirant, deodorant, make-up, perfume, or powder as they too can block the adherence of the spray tan to your skin, resulting in blotchy coloration.

Bring the proper clothes.

The spray tanning solution is likely to remain damp for awhile after you exit the tanning booth. While some individuals would prefer to remain in the nude until the solution dries completely, this is not an option for all. To prevent the solution from rubbing off onto your clothing, bring a selection of T-shirts and pants which are as loose as possible. In addition, as some brands of spray tan can stain clothing, consider bringing clothing which is black or another dark colour.


how to extend the life of your house of glamour spray tan...

Avoid contact with water for the first few hours in order to ensure a long beautiful tan. We use a rapid tanning formula that takes 2 hours for a medium/dark tan and you can leave it on for up to 4 hours for a super dark tan. Do not leave the rapid tanning solution on for longer than 4 hours.

After your tanning session we recommend that you wear clothing that is darker in colour before your post-tan shower. The cosmetic bronzer that is applied may rub off on your clothing but should be easily washed out. Nylon, silk, spandex and wool tend to absorb the bronzer so please avoid these fabrics.

Avoid bar soap. Using a mild body wash will help extend the life of the tan.

After your spray tan, using a great moisturizer after every shower is essential and will ensure a long lasting tan.  We recommend our organic + natural Coconut Bliss body moisturizer (available from House of Glamour salon).

After your spray tan avoid exfoliates, hot showers and baths. Excessive swimming and even sweating can fade your tan faster.

Your spray tan, even though it will look exactly like a real tan, is not a sun protectant. You can still get sunburned. Make sure you always use sunscreen.

Your tan can last between 7- 10 days depending on your before and after care.

The better prepared your skin is for the spray tan, and cared for after, will determine the longevity and quality of the tan.


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