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A minimum of 3 adult services, not children services must be booked, can include hair booking also Examples of bookings that qualify: • 2 x hair + 2 x makeup • 6 makeup (no hair styling can be included, contact our listed recommended hair dresser Tonia Rose) We can also cater to your wedding with less bookings however you will need to come into the House of Glamour salon in Southport
I understand if I book 5 or more makeup and/or hair services a assistant is required and a additional $100 will be charged *
If 3 or more are required, please contact our recommended hair dresser. However if you are only booking House of Glamour for hair, disregard above.
I understand I need to contact the recommended hair dresser if I have booked more then 3 makeups *
If you are confused by this, please call us
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House of Glamour travel contract is sent out via email in a PDF, along with the link to this form. You are required to read the entire contract, fill out this form along with your signature, submit form and pay deposit of $150 to secure your date. House of Glamour reserves the rights to terminate booking if payment has not been made in required time. If you become un-contactable in the weeks leading up to your event, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and your deposit will not be refunded. DEPOSITS + FINAL PAYMENTS A deposit of $150 is required to secure your booking. Event date will not be held or secured without deposit. Deposits are deducted from the final amount. Please note under no circumstances, can deposits be redeemable (for any other services) nor transferrable. However, if upon availability, you reschedule, it will be transferred to your new appointment within a 6 month time frame. Final payment is required at least 1 week prior to the day and can be paid by cash, credit card or direct deposit. MINIMUM BOOKING + CONFIRMATION We certainly can travel to you on the day of your event, however a minimum of 3 hair and/or makeup services must be booked. If you have less, we can still offer our services in the House of Glamour salon. It is the responsibility of the client to advise of any changes to number of people booked in for hair and/or makeup services no less than 4 weeks prior to the booking date. If this has not been advised of within the time frame, the client is still liable to pay the full amount of services booked in as listed on your booking form. TRAVELING FEE + PARKING Our traveling fee is calculated on a $100 per hour basis and you will not be charged for the return trip. Trip will be calculated from the House of Glamour salon which is located in Boronia Drive, Southport. Eg Southport to Coolangatta, 40.5km, 32 mins = $53.33. Minimum call out fee is $20. In the event parking is not free, the client must cover parking costs also. TRAVEL DISTANCE We can travel to any location, but please be aware if your location is greater than 1 hour from our salon in Southport, accommodation the evening prior to the event, dinner + breakfast the following morning will be required at a cost to you. If your booking requires an assistant, then their cost will also need to be covered. Please note, key makeup artist + assistant makeup artist can share one room/accomodation. TIMING + PUBLIC HOLIDAYS If you are require us to start before 7am, a $50 before hours fee will be charged. If you have a large bridal party & need to be ready before 12pm a extra makeup artist will be needed and a additional $100 will be charged. Please note that Sundays + public holidays will incur a 15% surcharge. CANCELATION OF WEDDING + REFUNDS In the event of a cancellation of your wedding, we must be notified in writing & will not be canceled until this is received. You may incur cancellation fees: • 3+ months prior to the date, Nil • 3 months – 4 weeks prior to the date - 50% of the booked amount listed on your booking form • 3 week’s & less prior to the day and under, 100% of the booked amount listed on your booking form Due to potential loss of income from other enquired bookings, no refunds are given on completed services or deposits. If there is something you are unhappy with, it is up to you to advise us whilst in your presence. LEGAL AGREEMENT By checking this box, you are confirming you have read the contract. You are legally binding and agreeing to House of Glamours terms and conditions once you pay your deposit and sign this contract. I confirm I have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined by House of Glamour and by signing this document, I confirm I have read the PDF and agreed to the terms and conditions on this page. I also understand this is a legally binding contract


For your booking to be secure for your special event, you must pay your deposit as well as submitting your booking form (above form).  Deposit is $150 + $5 transaction fee.  We use PayPal to take deposits, but don't worry if you don't have PayPal, follow the prompts and you can pay with your credit card:

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